snake in the grass

snake in the grass

{On one of the first sunny days this month, I managed to surprise not one but two sunbathing garter snakes within a couple minutes. One was a “plain” black-and-yellow Eastern garter, the other was a startlingly vivid red-sided garter, the fellow I decided to add to today’s post. I respect and can somewhat comprehend many people’s fear of harmless varieties of snakes, but I have difficulty fathoming the hatred and/or disgust expressed by some people who don’t claim to actually fear the little guys. The tiny snakes in particular have the most comical expressions, with their giant eyes, exaggerated glares, and inability to avoid periodically sticking their tongues out at you. This one is clearly making the wrong impression right off as he tries to introduce himself to some new friends — but don’t worry, Pony would never stomp on him.}


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