if a tree falls….

if a tree falls....

{It was a little stormy here over last week, and while it’s done wonders for the high temps, our old ant-ridden basswood got the worst of it. It needed trimming, to be sure, and the swarm of little carpenters would’ve made off with it mouthful by mouthful eventually, but one good gust took out the most ant-riddled half of it for good in one night. Basswood is well-known for being a very light, soft “hardwood” (bearing that name rather arbitrarily due to its deciduous leaves), and I doubt it’s a coincidence that wind and bugs have been picking off the languishing lindens in this part of town for years now. One, planted on a hill, pretty much just fell down on its own accord out of the blue clear sky. Ours is the third or fourth, I believe, and there’s only one left to spit its knobbly little seeds on the sidewalks next year. The real mystery is why there are so darn many of these bug-ridden, wimpy, and rather messy trees planted a couple yards from the buildings in this area. If this one had fallen just a bit in the other direction, my neighbors would have had a tree in their bedrooms. As it is, a large number of carpenter ants are out of a home ….}


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