horse and buggy…

horse and buggy...

…{and also a dog. Today was State Fair day, and while we had a lovely time eating all of the questionable foods — chocolate-dipped cannoli on a stick, anyone? — it turns out most of my pictures from the day are of insects in the flower garden. Priorities! Anyhow, included was one of these Great Black Wasps — which is just what they’re called, though I personally think they’re pretty great, as well. They seem to adore purple flowers, and used to frequent the herb garden back when I really had one. They were on purple today as well, and I was tempting my fate between them and the bees by holding my fingers out to the flowers they were on. I just love the tickle of their little feet and antennae, and of their wings when they take off. In my experience, unless you grab, slap, sit on, or otherwise perform some sort of aggravated assault on a wasp, you’re safe from its fury. So far a wasp has yet to prove me wrong, but I suppose there’s always a first time.}


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