Hi, all! No picture for this mid-week post, just a little update. I have a heck of a time navigating WordPress some days, especially when it comes to flip-flopping between my two blogs (that’s why you might sometimes see incongruous “ghost posts” that are only up for a few minutes before vanishing to their correct realm).

So, to make things slightly simpler (but not too simple, oh no), I’ve decided to add a tiny little “blogroll” to each blog. Now, since it’s only one link, it’s not especially visible on a good day; and in order to keep this fabulous Chalkboard theme on Shetland + Pony, aesthetics dictate that I have to put my link waaaaay down at the bottom of the post, next to the eraser and the broken chalk.

But for better or worse, there it is — a link to Drawn @ Random here, and soon a corresponding link to Shetland + Pony on that blog. Progress! And apologies for making you look at all this text without giving you any pictures — I promise not to make a habit of it!


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