like the colorado skies ….

like the colorado skies ....

{naturally, when trying to think of a title for an image involving blue eyes, one is instantly hit with a mental barrage of song lyrics that effectively drowns out any other options. While the vast majority of these are country songs, the order of my personal music-barrage led with a pop artist: Mika (Blue Eyes), then the expected George Strait (Baby Blue) and finally Restless Heart, whose song “The Bluest Eyes in Texas” I was trying to think of when George interrupted with a different state+eye color lyric combo, which I threw out as the title to keep it from distracting me. Ah, the careful thought process of the artist. Anyhow, Pony’s a bit surprised to discover there’s Life Out There other than the two of them, though Shetland’s taking it all in stride. Yes, their relative sizes vary wildly in this comic, and I freely admit that it’s all a matter of convenience from scene to scene. Baby Blue over there is modeled on a pretty blue-eyed bay pinto I saw at a friend’s farm this past week; that one had more of a “medicine hat” pattern going on from the neck up, but I extended the crosshatching beyond the eyes here for a little contrast. I know it’s a color patch and not shadow here, but with 12 months to fill I anticipate “black” becoming part of the color rotation in its own right some time soon — so for now, crosshatching it is!}


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