give a little whistle…

give a little whistle...

{I know, Jiminy would have a fit at being called a grasshopper — but let’s face it, he looks like one, and they only worsened the matter in Once Upon a Time by making him an *actual* grasshopper. More to the point: It’s the time of year for the Midwest’s modern equivalent of a locust plague, with crunchy little hoppers getting underfoot and startling pedestrians right and left. Bicyclists, beware; unless of course you have no heart and also don’t mind cleaning grasshopper bits off your bike and your eyeballs.
Shetland’s heroic attempt at catching one of the little buggers was inspired by the more-impressive feat of a local barn kitten, who stopped mid-saunter to make a huge vertical jump and landed with a grasshopper in her paws. Fortunately for these guys, Shetland isn’t so coordinated. Poor Pony just wants to avoid squishing them, but isn’t doing much better than the sheltie or the bicyclists in this respect. At least it’ll be winter soon. Right? Right?
So, in summary, watch your feet and keep cool this Labor Day, and always let your conscience be your guide}


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