better not touch….

better not touch....

{I feel as if that’s already been a blog title of mine. But then, it is nearly midnight after a long day, so that may or may not be the case. This quick pic is in honor of the “decorative” peppers I bought, which are finally bearing their tiny and ridiculously-spicy fruits in abundance. Alright, perhaps not *ridiculously,* but the “smaller peppers are hotter” thing has a way of catching you off-guard with little cuties like these. Some of them do have gorgeous drooping purple blossoms, more like wild (bittersweet) nightshade than the sturdy white blooms I tend to expect from cultivated peppers. The purple blossoms yield purple fruits, and as our black bees (like the black wasps) seem to have a thing for purple blossoms, I decided to include one of them to further intimidate poor Shetland (Pony knows what to eat around, no worries for Pony). Which reminds me, I have no idea what sort of bees those are — too small for carpenters, more honeybee-sized, and never mixed with “regular” bees to imply that they’re a variant. They’re adorable though, with their bright-yellow pollen-y legs, and I’m glad to have them as visitors again this year (last year’s dearth of morning glories didn’t seem to appeal to them). I’m not sure what effect this baffling on-again-off-again autumn is going to have on the bug population, but hopefully the extra warm days will at least be of some benefit to the bees.}


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