acquired taste….

acquired taste....

{this week’s Purple Thing is purple okra, which I noticed in the farmer’s market recently. What I also noticed recently, as I don’t tend to be much of an okra buyer, is that okra prickles — not to be confused with okra pickles, which are fabulous — are surprisingly nasty for their size; this is what Shetland is discovering over to the right (that poor pup really needs a week off from dangerous vegetation, now that I think of it). Pony is discovering the better-known quality of okra: slime. While it’s really not *so* bad (compared to, say, prickly pear — which goes for both the slime and the prickles I suppose), I can’t imagine it would be a fun surprise to bite right into. Sorry, Pony! They probably shouldn’t be eating okra anyhow, though….}


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