winds of change….

winds of change....

{I’m feeling marginally better than I did yesterday, when I wound up skipping a blog post for the first time in a long while. This has a good deal to do with the weather; while it’s too chilly to be strictly *good* for a cold, it’s sunny and windy and autumnal, the maples are going purple, the barberry is on its way to red, and you can buy those dreadfully wonderful monster-themed cereals like Boo Berry at the ends of all the store aisles. That last one may not account for my improved health, but I’m positive about the others. Today was also the art festival on Main Street, which is always a delight even if it does remind me of all the art forms I’m not quite good at. Good art, good food, music in the streets, and proper weather to wear one of the many fall jackets one accumulates over the years and can only wear in very specific weather. All in all a good day, for Shetland and Pony and for myself.}


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