swiftly flow the days….

swiftly flow the days....

{for my final post of September I decided to splurge with a sunrise AND flowers — yes, that is a sunrise, not a sunset; I make the rather arbitrary distinction simply because this means the morning-glories are opening rather than closing, and I get to use more purple. I’m fairly certain the originals on the balcony were mostly blue morning-glories, not purple, but apparently after a few generations of reseeding, you end up with purple. They’re lovely, but once in a while a blue one crops up and I recall how much they’ve changed. Once there were all three colors, pink purple and blue, lined up in a rainbow row of sun-loving little trumpets. I do believe they are my favorite flower, all things considered. Tortoises quite fancy them too, but for that purpose I prefer sacrificing the ever-plentiful bindweed out back rather than my precious purples. And I suppose if you’d really like it to be a sunset, I won’t mind ….}


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