all the leaves are brown….

all the leaves are brown....

{Orange, really, but that’s not a song lyric — probably due in part to the tricksy rhyme problem it would create. Either way, and despite the chill, Shetland and Pony aren’t dreaming of L.A. They’ve got plenty of fluff to let them enjoy the outdoors all season long; and I get to don my beloved outerwear and big boots. I also get to swap a tail for a mane as I free my pulled-back hair and let it do its thing by becoming a ridiculously insulating frizz-mop, much like Pony’s. I think we missed out a little on the fall colors due to the less-than-ideal weather in late summer, but there’s no doubting the season when you glance at the lawns and the gutters. The drugstore clock/thermometer/billboard has finally stopped denying the weather and is reflecting the current temperature — sitting around 50F right now — rather than stubbornly insisting a balmy 77 degrees day and night, in defiance of the wild 50-degree temperature swings around it. The only thing disappointing so far this year is the lack of interesting Halloween candy; some of the minis aren’t even in fancy autumnal-looking packaging. The only new thing I’ve discovered is Starbust-flavored candy corn, which — perhaps tellingly — was put on clearance within a couple weeks of its being stocked at the drugstore. But there is still time, and I shall remain vigilant. I take my candy very seriously….}


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