nothing but sincerity….

nothing but sincerity....

{well, it’s officially that time of year. I’ve made more pumpkin-flavored things than I’d thought were possible — pumpkin-oatmeal cookies, pumpkin-sausage pasta sauce, pumpkin-apple bread, pumpkin cheesecake, toasted pumpkin seeds, and so on. And that’s just from two small pie pumpkins. A great pumpkin like the one confronting Shetland and Pony, which is in turn modeled after one I saw outside the grocery store, would leave me with a simply unfathomable excess of riches. Of course, a pumpkin of that magnitude is obtained to impress rather than to feed a crowd, and probably wouldn’t taste lovely at all; but it would still be tough to let the whole thing simply rot. The very prospect of disposing of it all would be enough to convince me to attempt to convert at least a portion of it into something edible. I didn’t manage to carve any jack-o-lanterns for Halloween this year, but I’ve always been better at cooking than chopping anyhow.}


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