food fight….

food fight....

{Hopefully that straggler will notice Shetland even though the others’ line of sight is blocked by a feed bowl …. Not that Pony would mind either way. Lovely as birds are, house sparrows in winter can get downright mobbish, and having them congregate like locusts on any available food or water source fast begins to lose its charm. I may have a particular prejudice against the little guys due to the fact that they seem to reliably evict the sweet-songed house finches who dare compete for attention in spring. Not that the little redheads would dream of living in that big ball of grass the sparrows add onto each year, but here they seem particularly edgy and always give ground to the resident house sparrows when both want to strut around on a balcony railing. Things may be different in the birds’ respective native ranges (which wouldn’t have them overlapping at all, since one is in Europe), but here in the middle I can’t help favoring the rarer and more brightly-painted of these two hardy travelers. Oh, well — the antics of the little brown ones will have to sustain me until next year.}


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