it’s windy in Chicago….

it's windy in Chicago....

{I know, it’s not Christmas yet, nor even Thanksgiving. But we had another nice early snow not long ago, which bolstered the holiday spirit — and grumbling — a bit. Then, we had this week’s weather; 60 degrees and stormy. It’ll be festive regardless of the weather, of course, but I do hope we manage our traditional Thanksgiving snowstorm instead of a rainstorm. November tornadoes aren’t unheard-of here, even in my recent memory, but I prefer not to prepare a large meal while glancing furtively out the window to judge the color of the sky and direction of the wind.

This is probably unnecessary grumbling, since the truly worrisome weather has been going on to the east and shows no sign of marching this direction or hanging around to enjoy the holidays. But the Midwest, even more than other regions of the U.S., relishes its inconvenient weather as a conversational topic, as man-made forms of entertainment are relatively few and far between. I suppose it is pretty fun when the big green farm tractors go down our sleepy residential streets to clear the snow, but even that is a phenomenon directly dependent on the weather. I suppose it’s all one can expect from the land of farmers; predicting the storm cycles and the well-being of next season’s crops is a reasonable form of small talk. And in all honesty, while a genuine damaging storm is a tragedy, a mere tornado watch would likely be met with the same perverse Midwestern glee as any other juicy inconvenience, to be alternately braved and bemoaned while intermittently marveling at the weatherman’s insistence on repeating kindergarten-level instructions about leaving windows open and finding a sheltered area. It’s just how we roll.}


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