and I’ll soar on my way….

and I'll soar on my way....

{The geese are out in full force tonight, honking and calling and tracing triangular wakes in the sky. None of the flocks ever seem to be going the same direction initially, but I’m sure in the end they’ll all get to where they’re going. Canada geese are not in fact black-winged birds, despite my drawing and song choice, but at night they certainly seem so in contrast to pale bellies and bright moon. Also, I didn’t feel quite ready for a grey month just yet; December, therefore, gets the more stately hue of black. I’ve used black before, obviously, but I’ve shied away from full-black patches, opting for varying degrees of crosshatching instead. This is the season of the scolding crow, the lofty goose, and the wet-black bones of trees, and in this month alone can I truly do them justice in my blog. Here’s hoping the virtual blackness of my ethereal ink and sham pen are up to the task of coaxing some ebony life out of bleak December.}


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