snow on snow on snow….

snow on snow on snow....

{It’s a bit odd to think, “finally!” when we still have snow on the ground from the last snowfall; but that doesn’t quite count, since the barely-double-digit temps have kept the previous crop of white stuff around far beyond its natural lifespan. This is a proper December snow, with people fretting and complaining about hypothetical road conditions while driving out anyhow, because the roads aren’t actually that bad. Mostly it’s just slow, fat, fluffy flakes drifting down invisibly in the dark. Only the little lamps on city streets offer reassuring glimpses that yes, the snow goes on. This seems like the sort of weather Shetland and Pony live for, so I haven’t drawn them half so perturbed as they (and admittedly, I) have appeared in the face of other weather events.}


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