Silent night….

Silent night....

{Not much to this one … just a cold clear night and a full winter moon. You know those nights where the moon seems huge, like you could jump up and touch it? Well, it may not look *this* close, but maybe Shetland & Pony’s world is just a little closer to the stars. I’m honestly not that big a Christmas person — I’ll buy/make the gifts, but only for the fun of choosing them — so what really makes this time of year special for me is the visual spectacle of the season itself. Crows and snow and frost-flowers outdoors, pomegranates and cranberries and blood oranges in the stores; and humans donning their striking winter pelage, thick black coats over chill winter blues or hot defiant scarlets. I was watching the series Once Upon A Time and again appreciating that rich black-and-red color scheme, one that manages to work without seeming sinsiter when used in a world where it’s always winter somewhere….}


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