here’s a hand, my trusty friend….

here's a hand, my trusty friend....

{I know, they’re *foot* prints, and the original line is a good deal more Scottish than that. But it’s been ever such a long day, I’m giving myself a little artistic license here. It’s been a long year, really, and I always marvel at those who claim it flew by. Perhaps it’s simply true what they say about time flying; not to say that I haven’t had any fun, but with work and classes and yet more work but still never quite enough of it, old Time may have been just a bit too heavy to get itself off the ground this year. Even as I type the word “year,” it sounds inadequate to me — I pause to think, is that the correct unit of measure? Have I accidentally indicated something smaller than all the time that has passed; four seasons, 12 months, 365 days, the proverbial (or at least lyrical) 525,600 minutes? But no, a year is correct, one little year, hardly anything in the scheme of things unless you are a mouse. Which in turn is making me think of a rather sadder Burns poem, so I’d best veer away from that track. Anyhow, Auld Lang Syne is one of my favorite holiday songs, not wretchedly gleeful or gleefully wretched like so many Christmas tunes, just honestly wistful and a little bittersweet, the way winter holidays are. I’m listening to the Hotel Cafe version right now, and it’s quite soothing; I believe I’ll close out 2013 with this and The Parting Glass, and I’ll be nicely set. Here’s to a happy new year, or at least a good one, for all.}


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