if your strife strikes at your sleep….

if your strife strikes at your sleep....

{There are Mumford & Sons songs I like far better than “Winter Winds,” but I do enjoy that one line. And of course, we certainly have winter winds here tonight — the windchill as I type reads -36F, and it’s only downhill from there. I have the slight fortune of being in the middle, rather than the northern, range of the chill weather, but I’m still relieved this little tantrum waited until a day I have off from work. Actually, I would have gotten a ride to work and back — I suppose I’m more relieved I’m not *driving* anyone to work tomorrow, since going out and warming up the car early enough to collect everyone in the morning is not an enviable task. On Tuesday I believe things will be back to — relatively — normal, which makes this seem all the more surreal. I almost feel as if I ought to go out in it for just a moment, for the sake of experiencing real cold. On the other hand, I probably will have to go out in it in the course of some forgotten errand or another, and I anticipate that it will not seem half so attractive at that time. Ah, well — stay warm, whether that means staying indoors or bundling up until you can’t put your arms down.}


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