till at last all around us was fastness….

till at last all around us was fastness....

{It’s warmer now, much warmer than the Arctic windchills of Monday that sent us all scurrying under blankets. Of course, with January thaws come freezing nights, and after that come mornings when all flat surfaces have a slick covering of yesterday’s would-be snowmelt. Then, also, come the foggy mornings, the mornings of ice storms and their more fanciful cousins — frost storms. Winters can be hard, but we look forward to those January mornings when every surface has a whimsical coating of white spikes, and glitter falls from the trees. It only lasts a morning, with the sun burning it down to a glum mist by midday, but we revel in our own small ways while it lasts. Pony isn’t quite sure what to make of it here, but Shetland knows just what to do — don’t question it, just enjoy the moment. Even a Midwesterner is hard-pressed to find a complaint about the frost days. I guess it’s a tribute to our persistence, then, that I somehow managed to pull a quote from the most depressing song to use as a title for this. I really didn’t mean to, but with the world ice-locked and frosted over, I couldn’t help but think of a song about a similar situation….}


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