Frosty weather, snowy weather….

Frosty weather, snowy weather....

{This is more or less a variation on the first week’s image … but then, so is the weather. Once more the wind is rattling the panes and the oddly-charming title of “snow squalls” is bestowed on the evening’s likely weather. The snow has come mostly during the warmer hours, lessening the likelihood of an outright blizzard, but the wind whithers on. It was above 40F this morning, and now the temperature is sat stubbornly in the single digits, and about to dip down to the other side of the number line. I went out for groceries when the weather was in mid-shift; thawing when I went into the store, and frozen solid with a spray of snow on top by the time I got out. To be fair, I do take a while to shop, but either way I’m glad I remembered my scarf. Not that they’re much use in this if you forget to tie them right before walking outside — I made this error recently while carrying a large object to the trash, and found myself holding my scarf in my teeth for dear life so it didn’t wrap itself around my eyes and have me topple onto the wildly uneven ice pack that served as the driveway. I did end up toppling onto the pavement a couple days later, on a windless night after stepping confidently yet carefully out of a vehicle and onto the cleared sidewalk directly in front of my door. There really aren’t any guarantees with ice, so do keep an eye out in this weather. We can’t all be imperturbable balls of fluff like Shetland and Pony here.}


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