six more weeks….

six more weeks....

{One day late, thanks to a sick day that’s likely to extend through a good chunk of the week. My fault for always forgetting my scarf — my ears and throat really took a beating over the last few raw windy days, and I think it’s finally catching up with me. Yesterday, I discovered around 8PM, was Groundhog Day. It’s not that I don’t know when the day is, or that I hadn’t seen at least three social-media posts pertaining to it earlier on, but apparently I was a bit more out-of-it than I realized. I did manage to make a lovely pot roast with red and yellow carrots to get me through the tickly-throat phase of my illness, but aside from that my Super Bowl festivities involved watching Sherlock and expressing a vague sympathy for the trounced horsies while nevertheless preferring the traditional Pacific Northwest imagery of the angry birds. Oh, and also marveling in my fuzzy half-conscious state about how it always seems to be “Groundhog’s Day” outside the U.S., even when referring to the movie title}


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