run, rabbit, run run run….

run, rabbit, run run run....

{With snow on the ground and ice over the hidey-holes, I’ve been seeing a lot of rabbits lately. They have a way of sitting in plain sight and apparently hoping they’re still invisible despite the utter failure of brown and grey to work as cryptic coloring on a white lawn in broad daylight. Of course, for someone more nose-oriented, like Shetland here, old Rabbit’s tricks may inadvertently buy him some time before a chase breaks out — if it’s not moving or making exciting sounds, it simply Does Not Exist and need not be bothered with until (and if) it proves to be the thing at the end of the current trail. I’ll admit, this one does owe a bit to Fox & the Hound, whose “rooo-rooo-rooo!” hide-and-seek scene I tend to reference at the slightest provocation. I really don’t think you can blame me, though. On a side note,  the blithely upbeat tune of”Run, Rabbit, Run” is somewhat unsettling if the lyrics are simply taken at face value, though of course they need not be. It somehow has the same effect of the opposite operation — when one takes bland lyrics and sets them to a ridiculously creepy tune, like Anne Dudek did in House M.D. with “Enjoy Yourself.”  This further reminds me of how I was recently trying to explain to someone how it’s recently been all the rage to take older songs and turn them into fashionable laments by slowing them down, removing most of the instruments, and swapping out various notes for a more “minor” feel overall. My musical experience consisting of a single MUS 100 course for a diversity requirement, little of which I retained, I gave up on trying to explain it beyond that, since I was dangerously close to attempting to describe things with colors and facial expressions instead of the more generally-accepted use of, you know, words. A pity, since it’s so much easier to just say that they made eyebrows-y black-and-gold songs into eyes-half-closed yell0w-brown songs. I do see how that would be a bit of a pain to standardize, what with people not even able to agree on what you call a pillbug… but that’s enough tangents for today.}


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