oh no, not again….

oh no, not again....

{Yes, the “improbably deep puddle” sight gag is likely one of the oldest in the book, but despite the excess it falls under the timeless “it’s funny because it’s true” heading. I live in a state between rivers, in a town between rivers; and when one gets too close to the favorite haunts of these multitudinous waterways, moisture-related mishaps are somewhat inevitable. In my case, it was one of those periodic one-day thaws that come this time of year, inevitably after a major snowfall, resulting in surprise puddles that soon become surprise ice sheets over even-more-surprising puddles. On the way home on this night, the temperatures had only just begun to drop sufficiently for the ice to really take hold. I found myself lingering at the parking lot and deliberating over the next course of action. There appeared, in the dark, to be fairly solid ground before me — and yet I was fairly certain that respectable solid ground should not be at the same level as the several inches of stubborn un-melted snow around it.

A tentative half-step revealed the accuracy of the second instinct, as a sort of springy feeling gave way to an ominous creaking. Given just how deep the snow forming its “banks” appeared to be, and how dark the puddle itself was, I envisioned a scenario much like Shetland’s here if I attempted to put my full weight on the ice. I did finally find a safe place to ford the snowbank and ultimately got home without drowning; but on the way I continued to be plagued by suspicious grey or black patches in the white snow that signaled something treacherous and thaw-related, be it slick ice or pools of slush. I don’t mind warm weather and I don’t mind snow, but it’s the intersection of the two that invariably gives the most grief.

Finally, for what it’s worth I do admit that Hitchhiker’s Guide references are not the most original choice, either; but this is my 42nd drawing, and I can rarely resist such things.}


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