the more it snows….

the more it snows....

{The robins appear in the worst weather, but to their credit, they stick around through it. They’ve since moved on from the picked-over hawthorns to the more promising trees to the north, but a few straggler groups can be seen here and there — especially when the snow grounds them — huddled under their trees, looking somewhat miserable but very well-fed.

March is going to be an interesting challenge, because frankly it’s just not a very “pink” month in the Midwest. I could have gone for the “pink February” cliche, but February is far grayer than March ever was in my experience, so this shall just have to suffice. As you may have noticed, I’m very nearly out of “basic” colors, having exhausted the primaries and secondaries early on, then moved through the variants of “all of the colors” and “none of the colors.” I saved pink, as I’ve said, for a month as close to spring as I can manage, because I have something a bit special planned for April. It was tempting to go all out for my birth-month instead, but April marks the last month before this blog’s anniversary, and it deserves a little something extra.}


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