going to the dogs….


{Well, it’s warm out. Right now there’s really no telling how long it’ll last, but with this being nearly mid-March now it’s somewhat promising. Of course, higher temperatures do not cure all ills. Several falls’ worth of snow are now melting all in a rush, but the frostbitten soil is in no hurry to reclaim the water. My sidewalk currently displays the very un-sidewalk-like quality of rippling in the breeze. Rain boots or inch-thick soles are required to venture into the carport without incident. Bits of detritus are floating in parking lots and driveways. There are currents in places you generally would not expect them, such as under maple trees and in the landscaping.

Even more intriguing is that this is in fact the “high part” of town, and it’s not actually flooding or anything. There are just very many supremely poorly-designed residential features in a region where drainage should really be a paramount concern (except of course for those periodic drought years — which this actually sort of is, so far — when even the rivers go dry). Those bothersome icy sidewalks I whined about from the last thaw are now more or less incorporated into the bog whence this city came, and our friendly neighborhood Lawn Lake is making its reappearance on the southeast side of the building. It will all soak in if we get a few more days above freezing, but right now our world is the bane of every pedestrian, the paradise of every dog, and a nice reminder for those of us who went through the summer, fall and winter trying to remember whether there was any point in buying rain boots.}


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