there’s a green one, and a pink one…

there's a green one, and a pink one...

{This is the time of year when people start thinking about colorful eggs. Easter’s a way off this year, but it was at the end of March in the year I was born. I’ve never been big on dyeing eggs, as it seemed like a lot of effort for what, in the end, was still just a regular hard-boiled egg. If I was going to decorate eggs, drawing them in the first place seemed like a better use of my time.

Nowadays, I can have colorful Easter eggs without much effort one way or another — there are naturally pink, white, green, brown and speckled eggs available at a nearby store, though you often have to purchase smaller eggs to find the full range of colors in one carton. It may look here like that little clutch of pink eggs won’t last long now that Shetland has found them, but never fear — Rudyard Kipling memorably said of old Father Wolf that his kind “could mouth an egg without breaking it,” and I’ve certainly seen this to be true of farm dogs. An old canine friend of mine, herder of horses and chickens with equal enthusiasm, once brought me a single hen’s egg from somewhere or other. She wasn’t a retriever by breed, or at least didn’t look as if that type was dominant in her mixed lineage, but she dutifully brought the little white egg over and set it down undamaged at my feet when I asked her to drop it. I’m not sure what she expected of me — a rousing but short-lived game of fetch, perhaps, or simply a warm thank-you for the gift? — but hopefully my surprised exclamation and a good scritch behind her ears sufficiently fulfilled my end of the bargain.

I do miss those scrappy little farm dogs. After all this time they are surely long gone, but I hope their successors are every bit as charming. The other animals are somewhat optional and interchangeable, after all, but any good country property must have its barn cats and farm dogs to keep the place in shape.}


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