one season following another….

one season following another....

{It may or may not last, given the nature of springtime, but for these few days March has certainly fulfilled its “out like a lamb” end of the bargain. This in addition to delivering admirably (if less-desirably) on the rest of the old saying when it came to the lion’s share of the month — upper sixties and sunny is quite the turnaround.

Starlings sang in abundance this morning; apparently they’re fond of the weather as well, for such a serenade I have not heard in months from the little star-spangled birds. Whistles, trills, squeaks, clucks, and that drawn-out Old-West sounding cry that has made many a visitor nervously scan the sky for eagles. No one suspects the mild-mannered black bird on a wire, preening away with a trickster’s glint in his eye and no doubt hiding a smile behind that outstretched black wing.

Tomorrow it rains, but it will be a spring rain, and a spring rain is nothing like a winter rain. It is a rain you can run in, and I most certainly plan to. Lambs grow up, after all, and April’s forecast isn’t looking half so gentle.}


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