april showers….

april showers....

{In case you’re wondering, the “one color” theme is loosened for April — I’ll be combining colors from past months, ideally ending in some sort of multicolored extravaganza for the last week if interesting-enough things deign to happen in time.
The weather continues to be moody, though with the warmer temperatures it’s more flash than fury. It was even kind enough to get the tornado weather out of the way last night, allowing us to avoid a repeat of last year’s not-quite-brief-enough “let’s pause the Edible Book Festival to hide in the library bathrooms for a bit now!” interlude. The worst effect this year was to make for a difficult game of after-hours tag, what with there only being six participants adventurous enough to brave the weather — it’s difficult to tell whether the little girl in a frilly dress didn’t want to be shown up by the pirate, or vice versa, but they were both good sports about the whole we-may-have-to-stash-you-guys-in-our-bunker-if-this-storm-keeps-up thing. (I may have neglected to mention that it was also a heroes-and-villains costume party….)
So, last night there was weather to satisfy any supervillain, with wind a-plenty to play dashingly with one’s hair and lightning enough to guarantee some perfectly-timed punctuation¬†to a dramatic speech. Today, the flashy weather broke and down came the deluge. Buckets and buckets of rain, not unseasonable amounts so much as all of it at one time after a drear week of fire weather. Certain temporary buildings housing certain beloved public institutions finally got the opportunity to prove themselves not at all seaworthy, and a great many rags and towels were requisitioned from the various departments. Tonight it will snow; but after yesterday afternoon’s reminder of what 80F temperatures feel like, there’s a little less complaining all around than there may have been in months past.
In the end, I don’t really mind the “April showers” part; my only demand is that we get plenty of the proverbial May flowers out of it.}


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