share a dream amid the flowers…

share a dream amid the flowers...

{The flowers are finally in bloom, the little purple and blue ground-covers starting up first. Normally I walk through a patch of dusty maple leaves and dry twigs on my way to work — this time it was fresh periwinkle leaves and blossoms, with a scattering of shy-drooping wood squill.
The heat comes along with the flowers, of course, and a quick costume-change was required over the weekend as temperatures hovered in the 80’s. Our annual spring student festival was cancelled this year due to general rowdiness and foolish behavior (not without precedent, unfortunately), so April’s weather isn’t of as much concern as it has been in years past (the whole reason it moved to April is that the weather is appropriately dismal to dampen drunken spirits somewhat; in theory at least). It was certainly a lovely day for Easter Egg hunts, though, and other assorted seasonal revelry.
It is not, strictly speaking, baking weather. In the vein of festive hot food, I managed to refrain from or reschedule all but the cupcakes. I had four colors of carrots and two of frosting (purple left over from a birthday cake, and cream cheese as the mandatory carrot-cake frosting), plus some fresh pineapple that wasn’t getting any younger in the fridge. Combined into carrot cupcakes, they made for quite a fun breakfast/dessert/snack/eat-them-all-day-long food, especially after being frozen in light of the escalating temperatures. Definitely an interesting variant on confetti cake. I’d have liked to top them with edible flowers for a springy touch, but nothing particularly tasty is up yet. I had to make do with sweet purple blossoms made of frosting — and suffice to say, my artistic talents do not lie in sculpture.}


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