is this the real life…?

is this the real life...?

{three blood-red birds in a dying thorn tree is certainly a bit of a surreal sight; then again, so are the tulip trees drenched in pink blossoms with nary a leaf to mar the sight. This is that awkward half-time of year, where the trees are either stark bare branches or blushing beauties, with no green gradient in between. Redbuds and magnolias have gotten right down to business, while the state of the sleeping hawthorns and basswood is still somewhat uncertain.
I’m still not sure what compelled three adult male cardinals to hang out in an area that I’ve never known to host more than one pair at a time. They don’t flock for berries like the robins and waxwings will, nor do they roost en masse like the starlings or battle for postage-stamp territories like the finches. For one reason or another, they were there for a moment, and I was not to see them again.
This whole picture is a bit of fantasy, really, despite the true events. You know how stories can be. The tulip trees are out there, somewhere, and the cardinals too. I’ll have to take my own word for it, though, as tonight it’s all wind and storm. For once there are no trees left to lose out front, with the summer storms taking one every year or so — now our lot apparently offers the building itself as tribute to the south wind, as this year marks the first time bits of the eaves have come off in a storm.
But, the structure holds, and the morning always comes again in the end. Next week will mark the one-year anniversary of Shetland and Pony, and the blog will have come full circle. What lies beyond that, I do not know … but the grass will grow, the wind will blow, and somewhere Shetland and Pony will be frolicking in the flowers.}


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