the grass is ris…

the grass is ris...

{and so are the flowers, just in time to wish a happy first birthday to Shetland & Pony. It’s interesting to look back on a year, especially this day in 2013. That year there was snow on the tulips, and the daffodils weren’t sure what to do. This year both flowers are out in full force, though here we just have the daffodils mostly — it’s Pella you’ll want if you’re after tulips.
I must say, I’m not sure if there will be weeks, months and years to come for this blog. On the one hand, it’s nice to have a reason to watch the weather each week and keep an eye out for critters and colors I might otherwise overlook. On the other, I’m not sure I have another year’s worth of scribbles in me — even with these, I was certainly pushing it from time to time. Perhaps I’ll go to once a month, and see how much I can pack into a single picture each few weeks. There are some unknowns about Shetland & Pony that I always figured I’d answer or at least address eventually — what color are they? Are they “he” or “she” Shetlands? There are certainly fences, but where are there humans in their world?
Whatever the future holds, I enjoyed bringing Shetland and Pony to life every week, even if only a few will ever see them. Whether the weather cooperates or not, I hope you have a lovely Spring — and take some time to stop and smell, watch or draw the flowers when you can.}


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