the skies I’m under…

the skies I'm under...

{here I am again, returning –for now at least– to my weekly engagement.
You know summer is coming when the large flying insects start showing up inside human habitations and transport. This time it was some sort of flower fly, I believe — those nectar-sipping gaudy-striped yellowjacket mimics who always show up to the party as soon as the boneset blooms.
This one was a long flight from anything remotely floral, though. I discovered it clinging for dear life to my messenger bag as I made my way onto a city bus. It was docile enough as I coaxed it onto my hand, and made no attempt to fly or flee. This was fortunate, given that we had mere moments to disembark from the public transportation and return sans one small passenger. I felt badly for the little hopeless wanderer, as there was little greenery in the vicinity, but I like to think the fellow made it to the aggressively floral decorative trees across the road. After all, if he or she is resourceful enough to catch a bus, hitching a ride over the pavement should be a piece of cake.}


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