all that you can’t leave behind….


{It’s been a while! Today I am in the midst of that mad frenzy known as Moving Day. It is, more accurately, Moving Week (or possibly even Moving Month at this point), but the important thing to note is that a very great quantity of possessions are in the midst of traveling from one part of town to another, and many of them refuse to go gentle into that good storage unit. This may admittedly be out of solidarity with their less-attractive brethren, who will likely be quite literally kicked to the curb once a proper path has been cleared. Moving out has a way of reminding one what one does not really have any reason to keep around any longer.

On the subject of Shetland and Pony’s picture (I’ll leave it up to you to decide where the gate goes), the heirloom beans planted last year were so kind as to grace us with their offspring this year, all pink blossoms and curlicue vines and sickle-shaped pods. Unexpected free food just outside one’s window is always a pleasant surprise, especially when it has some decorative flair.

Speaking of which, the peppers, too, have returned, but in a manner even more surprising. In the waning months of last year they fared poorly, dwindling to a few brown-leaved sticks even when brought indoors. But slowly more leaves appeared, branches, buds … and now there’s another riotously purple-and-red crop of peppers like the ones I praised in Better Not Touch nearly a year back. It’ll be a bit of a shame, dismantling the “garden” for the last time — so many eager vines taking up every scrap of vertical real estate, up the slats and stems and bricks like slim verdant serpents. I shall have to keep the seeds.}


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