another auld lang syne…

Shetland&PonyDec14{Snow has been a bit … “iffy” here since the whole Polar Vortex nonsense wore itself out, but there was technically some on the ground on Christmas day. It was in the process of melting/being rained on, yes, but I’m fairly certain it still counts. Now we just have the ice and frost, mostly, which is still pretty in its way.

I’d say I can’t believe another year has almost gone, because it’s what one says at year’s end and because it does feel like far more recently that I made the last New Year’s post. But that aside, I most certainly can believe another year has gone. It has been a long, long year, and a great deal of things have happened in it. Some were good and some were decidedly less so, but I think that’s all you can really expect from a year when it comes down to it.

I got to have a holiday party this year, the first in a long time, and that was quite nice. I didn’t invite a large number of people, but I invited enough — only the kind of people you really want to see around the holidays, and none of the sort you feel you *have* to invite because it’s Christmas or whatnot. Yes, it was a devilishly selfish little party, and I liked it all the better for it. Call it a present to myself, if you will.

Speaking of presents, the little chickadee whistling his heart out from the top of this precarious pine was inspired partly a Christmas present (a little plaster bird with a curious expression, and an appearance somewhere between a Bluebird’s and a Blue Tit’s) and partly by a particularly vocal sparrow who was singing his merry way through the bleak morning today. Chickadees, too, are quite noticeable now — you can see and hear them in the bare branches outside my window, and occasionally they’ll perch right on the screen and peer in at me. Fortunately, they haven’t taken to flying at the windows like the cardinals briefly did.

Next month I’m going to try once and for all to incorporate a frost pattern into my picture. It’s beautiful stuff, but a little too delicate for my usual style. I may have to draw it larger and shrink it down, in the end. One way or another I’ll just have to manage it — call it a New Year’s resolution. Until then!}


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