the late bird….


{The juncos are slowly giving way to house finches when it comes to non-sparrow visitors to the bird feeders … they’re still around though, even if it is a little harder to see them without all that snow on the ground.

This warm weather is pretty exciting, just as it is every year, because you never know just when or for how long you’ll get it. It’s one of the nice things about living in a decidedly seasonal climate; every anticipated “landmark” weather event (leaf turn, first snow, first blizzard, ice storm, January thaw, proper thaw, and so on) is a little bit of a Special Occasion.

Now that things are warming up, I may have to go on my oft-postponed Downtown Squirrel Walk to take some snapshots and check on the locals. I haven’t seen Pale Tail or Stumpy recently, though White Neck — the closest neighbor of the bunch, with a white streak behind both ears — has been making regular appearances. I do miss Black Belly, who lived near my old place and was quite striking to look at with his upside-down coloring. In addition, the campus is apparently home to a pretty little piebald, though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him or her personally. Hopefully they’ve all made it through (or through the majority of, so far) another winter.

There’s another warm-weather bonus that’s more narrowly specific to us reptile-keepers. It’s finally warm enough to order feeder insects (a species of tropical roach in my case — don’t shudder, they’re basically huge pillbugs until they reach adulthood, and they’d do quite poorly if left to their own devices in a climate as capricious as this) without bundling on the heat packs and hoping they show up alive. Mail trucks are not known for their cozy interiors and tropical roaches are, as I’ve noted, tropical. My gecko will be pleased to know that the rationing is over. They don’t strictly need to eat every day, geckos, but he does love those little roaches. And the roaches, being long-lived, are something of a pet in their own right; it’s a little forlorn to see their numbers dwindling so.

My next post, which will be the Actual March Post (this one’s in February colors, being postponed from last month) is likely going to appear around my birthday, which as always is at the end of the month. I’ll try to do something a little fancy if I remember — I’m already ever so busy planning the annual feast (I know, I seem to have an awful lot of annual feasts; I’m a feasting sort of person). Birthday feasts are notable in that they require as little actual food preparation as possible, and preferably have a nostalgic element as well. They do NOT need to be healthy. I kind of ran with that particular ruling this year … but more on that next time.}


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